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…With Liberty’s Tears for All

I have a new stand-alone DocuCommentary up on my Youtube channel now. (It is not part of the Strange Brew series…that series will be continued soon.) I showed this video yesterday at a discussion group I  attend every week.  It … Continue reading

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Strange Brew: Part 4: Wrapping Weirdness in the Flag

The latest installment of my Strange Brew Youtube series, “Wrapping Weirdness in the Flag,” is now available. See link at the end of this post. Description: For a short while after the election of 2016, there was widespread interest in … Continue reading

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“Strange Brew” Video

I have begun a new video DocuCommentary series on my Meet MythAmerica youtube channel: STRANGE BREW: An examination of what is behind the weird symbiosis of GOP Politics, Big Business, and Evangelical Christianity during the presidential administration of Donald Trump, … Continue reading

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Fair Enough…And More

The first entry in a new series on Starr Trekking‘s sister blog, Meet MythAmerica, is available now at the link below. In this series I explore the startling significance to recent American history, and to modern American national politics, of … Continue reading

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Creepy Christmas Cheer?

The previous blog post here on StarrTrekking included a link to my overview from the past of the The The Creepiest Christmas Custom of All (the Caganer). . This time I call your attention to a companion piece that homes in particularly … Continue reading

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On a Lighter Note

The long-running Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows series will return to this blog in January. My family and I are currently in the midst of exhausting preparations for a major family move to another part of our state in early January. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Put on a Happy Face

In the 1960 Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie (and in its movie reincarnation in 1963) Dick Van Dyke urged everyone in song to “Put on a Happy Face.” (Can you believe that he is STILL around, smiling and singing and … Continue reading

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