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“Straight Shootin’ Info”: A video series on the Second Amendment

I am currently producing a 3-Part video series of DocuCommentaries on the History and current affairs related to the Second Amendment and the extreme tension in America between gun rights and gun control. Series Title:  “Straight Shootin’ Info”: The History … Continue reading

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1876 World’s Fair, Philadelphia: The “Happy Birthday America” Fair

The “Happy Birthday” World’s Fair: The Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia, 1876 This is Episode 3 in “WORLDS FAIRS EXPOSEed,” my DocuCommentary video series.  It explores the background, implementation, and a behind-the-scenes look at the fair held in celebration of the Centennial … Continue reading

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Yankee Doodle Palace: The first American World’s Fair, New York, 1853

Episode 2 in WORLDS FAIRS EXPOSEed, (a DocuCommentary video series I create and narrate which focuses primarily on the World’s Fairs held in the United States since 1853) is now available on my Meet MythAmerica Youtube channel. You can watch … Continue reading

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I have been immersed for a couple of years now in creating what I call DocuCommentary videos for my Meet MythAmerica Youtube Channel. Most of the subjects I research for these videos are a bit gloomy… the Cherokee Trail of … Continue reading

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Westboro Baptist Church: A WWR Snapshot

Field Guide to the WILD WORLD OF RELIGION:  I haven’t added to my religion research website for some time now, as the aging software got unwieldy. So today I decided to begin posting semi-regularly new short entries on the related blog, … Continue reading

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…With Liberty’s Tears for All

I have a new stand-alone DocuCommentary up on my Youtube channel now. (It is not part of the Strange Brew series…that series will be continued soon.) I showed this video yesterday at a discussion group I  attend every week.  It … Continue reading

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Strange Brew: Part 4: Wrapping Weirdness in the Flag

The latest installment of my Strange Brew Youtube series, “Wrapping Weirdness in the Flag,” is now available. See link at the end of this post. Description: For a short while after the election of 2016, there was widespread interest in … Continue reading

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