…With Liberty’s Tears for All

I have a new stand-alone DocuCommentary up on my Youtube channel now. (It is not part of the Strange Brew series…that series will be continued soon.)
I showed this video yesterday at a discussion group I  attend every week.  It was VERY enthusiastically received, and led to a lively hour-long discussion.
If StarrTrekking readers should happen to want to share it with their friends, I suggest cutting and pasting the description below, and the link, into an email or social media post of your own to pass on.

With Liberty’s Tears for All: A closer look at the history of the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Many Americans embroiled in the recent debate over standing for the National Anthem to honor the US flag have no idea that a related, but even more acrimonious, debate raged in the United States 75 years ago. Questions regarding “flag respect” and the importance of preserving civic rituals of patriotism in our culture are nothing new. And the answers that were promoted by some people in that earlier era are extremely relevant to the debate today.

This DocuCommentary by Pam Dewey explores the background leading to a dark time in our American narrative.

Be sure to click on the icon in the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the screen below to watch the video in full-screen mode.



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  1. William Humphrey says:

    …I was wondering if you received my long comment today. It was with much praise and history similar to your very own–yet after searching all my life I never joined any group. Today while researching church groups your name came up and I was so impressed I spent hours reading and finally wrote you a long message but I think I lost it before sending it Anyway if you get this please contact me as I had requested your speaking schedule and since I travel so much I hope to attend one. Also I lived a lot of the history you wrote about which took me over a few continents. My best mail is : bibleheros@yahoo.com. If you did not get the long message I shall send it again regards, and all the best, William Humphrey

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