Strange Brew: Part 4: Wrapping Weirdness in the Flag

The latest installment of my Strange Brew Youtube series, “Wrapping Weirdness in the Flag,” is now available. See link at the end of this post.


For a short while after the election of 2016, there was widespread interest in the public press in trying to account for the unusually high percentage of Evangelical Christians who voted for Donald Trump. Many theories were floated, and throughout early 2017 you occasionally saw photos of groups of evangelical leaders praying over Trump in the Oval Office. But so many other troubling aspects of the Trump Administration have flooded the news almost daily in the past year and a half, that the Evangelical voter topic has been shunted into the shadows.

It is my conviction that this is a big mistake. Because I am convinced that those Evangelical voters may once again have a drastic effect on the upcoming Mid-Term Election of 2018, catching many pundits by surprise again. This latest entry in the Strange Brew series, along with the next two entries in the series (coming soon), will give the viewer insight into just how and why masses of Evangelicals are gearing up for what they view as not just settling “partisan political disagreements” … but a literal violent, supernatural Spiritual Battle with what they consider forces of darkness.

[If you have missed the earlier installments of this series, be sure to look in the DESCRIPTION section below this video on Youtube, where you will find links to all of the earlier installments. The information and commentary in each entry builds on material from the previous entries.]

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