“Strange Brew” Video

I have begun a new video DocuCommentary series on my Meet MythAmerica youtube channel:
STRANGE BREW: An examination of what is behind the weird symbiosis of GOP Politics, Big Business, and Evangelical Christianity during the presidential administration of Donald Trump, which is affecting a wide swath of US issues including the climate change and ecological crises debates, economics, public education, civil rights, and social justice.
The link to Part 1 of the series is below. This introductory video draws from some of the material I included in the introduction to my blog series on “Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows” which began back on January 3, 2017. This new video series initially summarizes and expands on some of that material, but leads quickly to fresh new information right out of today’s news. I believe my 30+ years of intensive research into “homegrown American religion” that I share on my Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion website has led me to a unique perspective on the interplay of all these forces.
The link to Part 2 of the series is in the Documentation section below the video screen on Youtube. I hope you will join me on a wild trek through a Strange New World.
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