Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows

Donald Trump was voted in as President-Elect of the United States on November 9, 2016. The very next day, USA Today’s online newspaper featured a story that included a link to the 3-minute video clip below. Have a look…for the first 30 seconds or so you will see Donald Trump sitting with four other people at a long banquet table. He is speaking animatedly to the man next to him. There is no “live mike” there, so you cannot hear what he is saying. At the 28 second mark, the camera suddenly swings to a table on the right, and a man begins speaking into a microphone. Listen to his words.

The first thing you will notice is that he does not address Trump as “Mr. Trump.” He addresses him point-blank as “President Trump.” From this you might assume that Trump was appearing somewhere the very next day after the election, and that USA Today caught the meeting on camera and rushed it onto its website.

You would be assuming wrong. Notice that this man doesn’t even use the term, used by virtually everyone else after the election, “President-Elect Trump.” He boldly uses the term “President Trump.” From this you might assume that he is just dispensing with the niceties and embracing Trump’s win, out of enthusiasm.

Again, you would be assuming wrong.

This video was recorded over three weeks BEFORE the November 9 election, and posted on Youtube October 14. The man speaking, whose name is Jorge Parrott, is not just “speaking” to Donald Trump. He is, in his own mind, and the mind of most of those present in the room…perhaps including Trump himself…PROPHESYING to Donald Trump. He is giving to The Donald what he claims to be word-for-word “direct revelation” from God Almighty Himself. And, as the phrase is used in some religious circles, he is “declaring a thing”…Donald Trump’s win…before it comes to pass—as “already accomplished” but just not “manifested yet.”

The USA Today article noted:

On the video’s date, the New York Time’s forecast model showed Trump with an 11% chance of winning the presidency. The Access Hollywood tape of him making vulgar and sexual comments about women had leaked days earlier.

Yes, in spite of those “odds” Parrott is adamantly declaring to Donald Trump not just “his hopes” or the “hopes” of the other people in the room that Trump will win the election. He is declaring it, allegedly on the authority of God, as a “done deal.”

You might say this takes Donald’s Art of the Deal to a whole new level!


Into the Twilight Zone


Who on earth is Jorge Parrott, who are the other people in this scene, how did Donald Trump get there—and what kind of Creepy Twilight Zone have we entered?

Donald Trump entered this Twilight Zone long ago. It’s just that the general public is only now getting a small glimpse of it. And Jorge Parrott is just one of the many inhabitants of this Alice in Wonderland-style alternate reality.

In this blog series on Donald Trump’s Strange Bedfellows I invite you to join me on a sort of surrealistic “anthropological journey” down the Rabbit Hole to meet those inhabitants—and get a ringside seat as a spectator of an astonishing aspect of the possible future of America under Donald Trump that you likely weren’t expecting.

I use the term “ringside seat” advisedly…for what we are going to be inspecting is indeed the equivalent of a  Three-Ring Circus.



The Blame Game

After Trump’s astonishing “upset” victory on November 9, the media pundits on all sides began attempting to dissect what had led to this strange turn of affairs. It had become obvious that there were segments of the US population that just hadn’t been “taken seriously” by the media prognosticators as being “game changers.”

A popular explanation seems to be in particular that the “voting power” of two separate groups of staunch Trump supporters had somehow been painfully underestimated by the pollsters and pundits:

  1. Religious folks for whom the issue of abortion was the one “non-negotiable” issue. In other words, it didn’t make any difference at all how much they might despise the morality, character, and tactics of Donald Trump—they were prepared in large numbers to hold their noses and vote for him no matter what so that any Supreme Court justices appointed during the upcoming 4-8 years would tip the balance of the court toward rescinding the Roe v Wade ruling. As one woman put it on a Facebook thread I was reading just before the election, “I am doing it for the babies.” Even many Hispanics, who might have been expected to be turned away from Trump because of his hateful diatribes against Mexicans, gritted their teeth and voted for him, as devout Catholics, based on the abortion issue.
  2. The proverbial “Angry White Men,” particularly blue collar workers affected by loss of factory jobs and the like, who were attracted to his promises to Make America Great Again by taking the country back to the culture and economics of the 1950s. Many in this segment of the population even reveled in and admired Trump’s character flaws, moral lapses, and slash-and-burn tactics. They were happy to have bluntness, bullying, name-calling, machismo, and misogyny be socially acceptable again. They didn’t look down on or resent Trump’s glitzy, sleazy, greedy pop-culture persona and lifestyle either—they admired and aspired to it.





Obviously this is a simplification of some of what contributed to the election outcome. But they are indeed two under-estimated segments of the population that were necessary as part of the hodge-podge coalition of voters that made Trump’s triumph possible.

There is no doubt in particular that without Trump’s original rabid “core supporters” that attended his rallies from the beginning (many of whom were part of the Angry White Men contingent) he would not have had a chance at winning. They set the pace, and, frankly, energized him with their adulation to aim at winning at all costs. And yet their “style” certainly wouldn’t have meshed very well with the devout Christians worried about the babies. I can’t imagine many of those church-folks being comfortable with the environment at the usual type of Trump rally…



Still, both groups were necessary pieces of the puzzle.  And very public, vocal pieces of the puzzle, featured on the news.

Most people in both of these groups seemed to have no particular expectation that there was going to be any drastic change in Trump if he got elected. The anti-abortion folks were satisfied if he’d just appoint the necessary Supreme Court judges. And many if not most of the Angry White Men could reasonably be expected to actually be irritated if he changed and became less abrasive and blunt, and more “respectably dignified”!

Although the media underestimated the numbers in both of the groups mentioned above who would show up at the polls to vote for Trump, neither group was ignored…nor unexpected. Religious groups opposing abortion have been vocal in every election for decades now, always supporting whoever was the Republican candidate. Republicans made sure that at least lip service was paid every election cycle, when promoting their platform, to being opposed to abortion. So the fact that this subgroup of Americans would be voting for Trump was no surprise at all—in spite of his three marriages, filthy mouth, promotion of gambling, obvious life-long problem with lust, greedy and ostentatious flouting of his wealth, and much more that ran contrary to the avowed “value system” of most Christians.

And Trump’s rallies across the land made it very clear very early that there was a seething mass of discontented Angry White Men who were ready, as the one T-shirt above put it, to rush to the polls to vote in a president “with balls,” who could bully the country back to the Happy Days of the 1950s.

The Strangest Bedfellows

But that brings us back to Jorge Parrott and the video clip above. Mr. Parrott obviously had an opportunity before the election to speak directly to Trump, to have his undivided attention. If he was part of the first group above, he would likely have taken the opportunity to implore him to be sure to appoint those strong, conservative, anti-abortion judges if he managed to win the election. He mentioned nothing of the kind. In fact, he didn’t request anything of Trump.

If Parrott was part of the second group listed above, he would likely have taken the opportunity to implore The Donald to not “forget the little guy,” to muscle the big corporations to “bring the jobs back.” He might have even “encouraged” Trump by emphasizing how so many voters  were supportive of his plans for “building the border wall,” for a “get tough” approach to urban crime by imposing stop-and-frisk laws, or for severely limiting the flow of refugees and immigrants into the US.

But no, he didn’t emphasize the role of voters at all. Parrott cut out the middle man entirely. He just declared point blank that Trump WAS going to win the election, and that when he did, he could then expect direct, divine guidance. And Parrott then outlined some specifics of what Trump will do in the presidency.

I’m going to guess that most people who read this USA Today article, and saw the little clip, would assume that this was just a “one-off” unusual, quirky little incident.

They would also be assuming wrong.

All across the US, for more than a year, men (and some women) have delivered what they believed to be The Word of the Lord on specific topics to Donald Trump. NOT “advice from the Bible.” No, very direct, personal messages aimed directly at Donald Trump from the Great God of the Universe, out of the “throne room of heaven,” into the ears of Trump. And he has soaked all these in.

Some of the messages were accompanied by rituals such as having a group “lay hands on” Trump. And one man even draped a “Jewish Prayer Shawl” over him as he prophesied.

During that same period—in fact, going back as far as 2011—more men and women came forward with what they adamantly declared were also word-for-word, God-given prophecies about Trump winning the presidency. These were not delivered directly to him in person, but published or broadcast in articles, in sermons, in Youtube videos to reach as many viewers or readers as possible with an explanation of the Plans of God for Donald Trump. Some of these prophecies were accepted and spread widely by huge numbers of people via Facebook, personal emails, Internet forums, and more.

That video above was posted first on the Facebook page of an associate of Jorge Parrott. It received 99,000 views on that page, and was shared by over 2,000 folks to their own FB feeds…where it no doubt received tens of thousands of more views.

A Youtube video of an episode of the Jim Bakker Show on TV which featured a major prophecy about Trump received more than 1,200,000 views on Youtube itself. And other related videos have had even more views.

Yet I’m betting that many readers of this blog have never heard of this phenomenon related to the Trump candidacy and win. And most have likely never heard of the majority of people who are leaders of this segment of the voting public.

Until now, that is. Just in the past few days two names in particular have become more widely known. Televangelist Paula White of Florida, who is described as Trump’s “spiritual adviser” and who will be giving the opening Invocation at the Trump Inaugural


… and “Bishop” Wayne Jackson of Detroit, who will be giving the closing Benediction


…are both deeply entrenched in this “prophetic movement,” both prophesied directly over Trump in the past year, and both are major players in what is known as the “Prosperity Gospel” branch of Charismatic, Evangelical Christianity.

THIS is the movement that provides the Strangest Bedfellows in Trump’s world, and that I believe was a significant but unsung part in assuring his election. It is also the least examined by any of the media, Left OR Right.

Yet it may end up being far more influential in the upcoming Trump administration than anyone would have suspected.

Come along as we explore the Twilight Zone of this strange subculture and examine how it ended up having such an influence over the 2016 election.

Up Next: Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows Part 2

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